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Corpus Delicti

Houston has a problem only David Mason can solve.

For three years one of the most sadistic serial killers had been preying on women. Time after time he eluded the Houston police without leaving a trace. When two FBI investigative teams fail, the bureau sends David Mason back to his hometown.

Returning to Houston would bring trouble David hadn't anticipated. An ambush from his personal life awaited him. With that going on, he had to face a more critical predicament. He hadn't been in the field in years, at his request—the the smell of crime scenes was affecting him.

But all this was the least of his problems: he had to match wits with the smartest killer he'd ever faced.

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David Mason box set


John Foxjohn first introduced the world to David Mason, a young and talented Houston homicide detective, in 2007. The first book, Code of Deceit, would become John's first best-seller, and leave the reading public clamoring for more.

Then Foxjohn published the next of the David Mason books, Cold Tears, a book his editor claimed he could never top. Even Foxjohn would later say that the book's success was more than he could imagine. Cold Tears soon soared to the height of the publishing world in sales and accolades. Readers voted it the best mystery in the world.

Mainly because of the success of Cold Tears, Foxjohn received the author of the year award.

The third David Mason book, Color of Murder, would excite readers who'd come to love the detective, and take them in another direction. David leaves the Houston Police Department to become the head of an FBI team investigating serial killers. However, before his team can get settled, they are sent to investigate the murder of a deputy sheriff in Lufkin, Texas. As it happened, the deputy filmed his own murder, and he was a good friend of David's.

The ending of Color of Murder was bittersweet for readers. When Foxjohn wrote the end, readers wanted more of David Mason, but in this one regard, he would disappoint them. He wasn't through writing, just with this series—he thought.

As it turned out, readers would not let him end the series so fast. So, coming in 2015 will be another David Mason book.

Andy Johansson Series: Box Set


John Foxjohn made a promise when he was twelve years old to write a book about Crazy Horse, the fabled Lakota (Sioux) warrior. Years later, Foxjohn didn't forget that promise, but also didn't know how he wanted to write it. Thus Andy Johansson was born—a fictional character Foxjohn created to tell the true story of fabled Lakota warrior.

In The People's Warrior, eight-year-old Andy Johansson and his family set off in a wagon train for the Montana gold fields. While Andy is away, Indians kill everyone, leaving Andy alone on the prairie. A young Lakota warrior captures him.

Through Andy's eyes, the readers became intimately familiar with Crazy Horse and the customs and beliefs of the Lakota.

Readers have constantly bombarded Foxjohn for more of Andy Johansson. Foxjohn, as he intended all along, wrote White Moon Rising. The western romantic suspense details Andy's entry back into the white world and the love of his life.

The soldiers forced Andy to live with the whites, but they couldn't force the whites to want him.

In White Moon Rising, all Andy wants is for people to leave him alone: a tall order for a man caught between two combative cultures, and as it happens, neither wants Andy to be a part of theirs.

Andy will have to fight every step of the way to have the life he wants and the woman he loves, but as readers already know, Andy is capable.

In coming months, reader will have several books to read about Andy and his family's saga as they carve out a legacy.

White Moon Rising

All Andrew Johansson wanted was a home, Abbey Martin, and for people to leave him alone: a tall order for a man caught between two combative cultures. The Sioux raised Andy from the time he was eight. When they surrendered, the soldiers forced him back to a culture that didn't want him.

Everyone, including Abbey's parents, wanted her to marry Lloyd Stevens, a wealthy businessman. The headstrong young woman was determined no one was going to force her into a loveless marriage. She wanted Andy or no one.

Stevens, not one to take rejection, enlisted the help of Abbey's father and the townspeople to keep them apart. When that didn't work, he kidnapped Abbey. If he couldn't have her, no one would.

With Abbey's life on the line, Andy had to gamble everything to save her. But would he be in time?


Revenge is a dish best served cold. In some cases, dead cold.

John Bush, a Houston homicide detective, had spent years trying to stop Joey Elderberry's reign, the legal way. John finally arrested him for murdering three people, but the notorious crime boss walked out of the courtroom laughing. When someone entered a warehouse and killed two of Elderberry's men barehanded, and shot and killed five others, the Houston police called John to find the killers.

As the bodies piled up, so did the pressure. For one reason or another, everyone had one goal, find out WHO!

As John investigated, for the first time he began questioning a system where people had to enact their own justice. If he found killers or killer, could he arrest them?

Law of Silence

What if a group of people had already killed two men and repeatedly raped,
tortured, and murdered a woman trying to get information? Then they set their sights on your first love—a person you never got over.

Houston defense attorney Danny Kinsley found himself facing that
dilemma. When the Houston Police Department charges Alicia Monroe
with the murder of her husband, the legal problems are the least of his worries.
The killers have the same plans for Alicia.

Danny is all that stands between her and a horrific death.

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When is death row better than a not guilty verdict?

When Sterling King agrees to defend a client accused of murder, she never thinks winning the trial will place her client and herself in danger. Her client has evidence against some powerful people. After she wins the case, they kill him, but then it occurs to them--he might have confided in her.

The bomb they plant misses Sterling, but kills four FBI agents. Determined to find the people responsible for the deaths of the agents, the FBI assigns a team headed by Gary Randall, and old flame from law school, to protect Sterling. In order to keep her alive and the flame from going out, Gary will have to match wits with one of the smartest killers in America. At the same time, he must find porta del diavolo, the devil's doorway, the only clue the client leaves Sterling.

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Bryanne Hartford's client killed two men in front of deputies and on video. But is she guilty?

Bryanne Hartford, a Houston criminal defense attorney, deplores any form of vigilante justice. However, she takes the case because of her disdain for the death penalty and her belief that her client is mentally incompetent.

Andrew Hurst, the newly elected district attorney in Lufkin, Texas, personally thinks the woman should get a medal for killing the two men, but he is duty-bound to prosecute her for the murders.

As moral and legal issues rip the town apart, the last thing either attorney needs is a romantic involvement, especially with each other. Love could never survive the turmoil in their lives, let alone the upcoming court battle. Or could it?

Tattered Justice

Kayla Nugent, a Houston criminal defense attorney, knows money can buy many things, but it can't buy love or friendship, and it shouldn't buy justice. When a best-selling romance author is murdered, the politically motivated D.A. charges Kayla's former best friend with the murder.

The decision forces Kayla to face a past that ripped her life to shreds, and defend the one person she'd rather see in jail.

The stress of the high profile trial and a client she doesn't trust hinders Kayla's developing relationship with Darren Duval, a private detective hired to help her. The people close to Kayla try to convince her not to take the case.

Only one insists she drop it--the person trying to kill her.

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Color of Murder

When an Angelina County deputy videotapes his own murder, David Mason has to track down the killers. Leading an inexperienced FBI team with Melissa Adams as his second in command, David must overcome his own guilt over the murder.

An East Texas Sheriff and his deputies, a Texas Ranger, and strife inside his own team, all stand in David's way. As suspects and witnesses die, David believes he has an agent leaking information. He had put his career and reputation on the line to get Melissa on his team. Would she betray his friendship and trust? His investigative path brings him to a startling conclusion and a suspect that threatens to tear apart David's moral fiber.

Cold Tears

Cold Tears voted the best mystery in the world by readers

A veteran Houston homicide detective's mistake causes a woman's death. When a woman shoots David Mason, he returns fire, killing her, but he can't escape her accusing eyes. David's mistake threatens his reputation, career and sanity, but more important, the relationship with the love of his life. Beth Porter, David's fiancee, fears the dangers of his job. These fears escalate when he is wounded, and she separates from him.

With the help of a Melissa, a beautiful FBI agent, David must stop a ruthless killer preying on women. As he struggles to track down the killer and get Beth back, he must cope with a mutual attraction with his female partner.

When the investigation gets too close, the killer abducts another woman. He gives David forty-eight hours to find her or she dies. With little evidence and no suspects, David's only hope is for the killer to make a mistake. Now he has. He abducted Beth.

Code of Deceit

Audiobook available at audible.com

Evidence is hard to find when a homicide detective's main suspect has been dead for four years.

David Mason, up-and-coming detective in the Houston Police Department, has a career that's on a meteoric rise. Now he faces two of the toughest challenges of his life. First, he has to decide if he will violate the code that Texas police officers all adhere to, protect their brother officers.

He believes fellow officers have committed a homicide. If he turns them in, he'll face the wrath of the officers in the department. For David, the decision is simple. He has to do what's right. The consequences are not that simple. In the midst of this controversy, a cunning killer shoots and wounds David and starts to murder his police friends. Determined he will find who killed his best friend and wounded his supervisor and mentor, he begins to encounter resistance and jealousies in his own department.

His investigative path brings him to a startling conclusion and an impossible suspect. He believes the murderer is a police officer, and the only suspect that makes sense is an officer who had committed suicide several years before.

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The People's Warrior

(originally published as Journey of the Spirit)

In 1858, eight-year-old Andy Johansson and his family set off in a wagon train for the Montana gold fields. The wagon train is massacred while Andy is away, and he is captured by a young Sioux warrior who believes Andy is a spirit sent to him by the Great Wakhan Thanka.

When soldiers begin to arrive to force the Indians out, Andy, having been raised as Sioux, has to choose between his race and his culture. He joins his Indian brother in an attempt to save their land. The brother is not an imposing sight, but the mention of his name drives a dagger of fear through the hearts of whites.

The brother's name is Crazy Horse.


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